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We also offer Group Health Insurance Plans for small or large groups. We can offer Group Insurance to a business with as few as 3 employees,
or to large businesses.
Stop by or call the office to have a free quote prepared for your group.
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Health Insurance
We carry Saskatchewan Blue Cross Insurance and Group Medical Services Insurance.

Most companies today carry Group Insurance Plans which are a wonderful, economical way to protect your family. Many people feel that they do not need to carry personal health care coverage when they are part of a Group Insurance Plan. The trouble with that is once you retire or change jobs you lose your medical insurance or convert to a personal plan with reduced coverage and increased premium.

The time to enroll in a personal health plan is when you are young and healthy. Once you have a health problem you cannot get insurance to cover it.

Basic health care coverage is very affordable.

Call or stop by the office to find out more about Personal Health Insurance Plans.

Our Life and Disability Insurance products are handled by Shirley Granger. Shirley is a Life Insurance Broker and works with many Life Insurance Companies enabling her to offer our clients the best protection at the best premiums to suit their individual needs.
For a consultation with Shirley please contact the office and we will be happy to put you in touch with her.
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