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Do I need special driver's license to tow a trailer?
Tips and Frequently Asked Questions
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Most of the common trailers such as:

small commercial trailers (without air brakes);
home-built trailers;
utility trailers;
camper trailers;
boat trailers;
horse and cattle trailers
do not require the operator to obtain a special driver's license.
If you plan on towing larger trailers such as commercial trailers or camper trailers, a Heavy Trailer/G or Class 1 license may be necessary.

A trailer and its load weighing over 4,600 kg (10,141 pounds) meet the definition of a Class 1 vehicle and operators require a Class 1 license.

There is an exception for two-axle farm (Class F) trucks - a trailer of any weight can be pulled as long as the driver has a Class 5 license and the vehicle is a truck and not a power unit. Be sure to check with the Department of Highways and infrastructure before pulling any over dimension or overweight loads.

If you wish to tow trailers weighing over 4,600 kg but do not wish to drive power unit semi-trailers, buses or three axle trucks, you may be endorsed to operate two-axle trucks.

To obtain this type of license, you must pass a medical by your doctor. Once that has been completed, you must pass a heavy trailer written and then a
road test in a vehicle which meets the requirements for the driver's license applied for.

If you wish to operate a power unit and tow trailers in excess of 4,600 kg, a Class 1 driver's license is required. Conact SGI or our office for more information.
This is an excerpt from SGI's Towing and Trailer Safety brochure