Personal Vehicles

Auto insurance has different features, depending on whether you have No Fault Coverage or Tort Coverage. For detailed information on each of these insurance types and their differences, visit SGI’s personal auto injury insurance page at this link.

The following features are automatically included in your SGI CANADA Auto Pak policy at no extra cost.

14-day coverage
When you have all your vehicles insured with us, we provide 14 days of coverage for newly acquired vehicles, giving you time to contact your broker and add the vehicle to your policy.

Campers and toppers
A slide-on camper, topper or recreational rack or deck used with your vehicle is covered for the same type of loss as your vehicle, whether it is on or off the vehicle. The deductible you select for your vehicle applies to campers and toppers.

Deductible waiver
Your deductible may be waived for losses caused by fire, lightning and hitting an animal or bird (subject to policy conditions).

Non-owned driver’s coverage

Unique to our Auto Pak policy, this coverage provides you, your spouse and children in your care with coverage while driving a vehicle you don’t own. For details, review our information on non-owned driver's coverage.

Unregistered trailer coverage
When your trailer isn't registered, you may obtain continuous storage coverage through our Auto Pak policy provided your trailer isn't used or operated while it's unregistered. For details, review our information on unregistered trailer coverage.

Unregistered vehicle coverage
Vehicles that become unregistered for a short term are covered by your Auto Pak policy if the vehicle is in storage, provided that the loss cannot be directly attributed to any use or operation. For details, review our information on unregistered vehicle coverage.
Auto insurance
Each vehicle and driver licensed in Saskatchewan is insured by the SGI Auto Fund. The coverage provided by the Auto Fund provides only the minimum protection required by law.

For private passenger vehicles, this includes:

•$200,000 liability protection
•$700 deductible for vehicle damage
•personal injury coverage

Is your deductible too high? Do you want more protection in the event you’re injured in a collision? Do you need more coverage in case you injure someone else or damage their property with your vehicle?

An SGI CANADA Auto Pak policy can increase your basic coverage and lower your deductible from $700 to as low as $100. This deductible is the amount you must pay before your insurance takes over and pays the remaining costs.

An extended auto policy can:

•Reduce the amount of your deductible.
•Provide you with more protection in the event you’re injured in an auto collision.
•Ensure you have enough liability coverage in the event you injure someone else or damage their property with your vehicle.
To determine what amount of protection is right for you, your insurance broker at Oxbow Agencies Ltd. will ensure you know about all the options available to you and can customize an insurance package that meets your needs.

Premium discounts
You may be able to reduce your auto insurance premiums and get extra coverage at no additional cost if you haven’t had a claim for 5 years or more. Also, you can qualify for a 5% discount if you insure more than 1 vehicle on a policy.
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